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Classes on Genealogy and DNA Study will start this summer in Winter Park where they will be held every week. All aspects of paper research will be taught.
DNA testings also made available at a group rate and the ability to search for various DNA family matches.
Other methods will also be taught and discussion will be held at each meeting so that everyone understands fully what is being taught.
We will have our own DNA Group Site so that we can explain the results and compare what paper research has produced as well as family knowledge.
Our group will be through Family Tree DNA the largest available study.
If you are interested in joining a GeneSeekers class this summer click here. Leave you email address and phone number. The class will meet once a week for six weeks to teach all of the basics. The cost of the six week class is $25.00 a week.
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There will be a great deal of open discussion. This is a well spent $125.00.
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On this website you will find Maitland-Seton{e]-Hatton/Hatoun-Duff etc. A Christian church built upon the ruins of a Druid place of worship. There is clear evidence that many Druids accepted Christianity and the motto of many Christian Knights was actually the motto of Druids. Hatton/Hatoun seems to be much more ancient than the other surnames and it is upon the site of Hatton Main where the church was built.
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Vint Family-Ireland
Knights that arrived in England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. The knights of interest to the Hatton family are Neel le Vicomte [Neel de Saint-Sauveur of Contentin, Normandy, France. Also Bertram, and Hugo Miles. There is little chance that all the knights will ever be noted but these do appear and are listed in France on a bronze plaque. To view the list just click here.
The clues that may indicate that this is the family from which one Hatton family descends comes from both historical data and some DNA evidence.
Contemporary surnames discovered who appear to have a possible relationship are Gubbins which is from de Gobion, a village in Normandy. Members of this family appear in Northamptonshire, England as do de Hattons. Miles are related to Hattons and Bertram is a name used by our Hattons for generations. The Norman name appears to have been Robert Bertram. le Tort. And, lastly at the moment, Honfroi de Carteret [Carter] English genealogy states the father of one branch of Hattons was Ivo of Contentin, presumed to be the son of a de Saint-Sauveur.
Robert Montfort, second son of Hugh de Montfort,who arrived with William the Conqueror, took the name of Hatton in Warwick creating another lineage. Hatton in Warwick and Hatton in Cheshire both existed at the time of the Conquest of 1066. Thirdly, we have Charles Mailtand of the Lauder family in Scotland taking the name Lord Hatton. This gives us three possible lines. Although Charles may be a descendant of Sir William Hatton killed at the Battle of Flodden.
The link between the Maitlands and Hattons can be found in Scotland. See print of Hatton House/Castle, Scotland. Click on print for more information. Sir Charles Maitland became Lord Hatton of Scotland.
Ivo/Ivon of Contentin [Normandy] is said to be the father of Wolfrath who was given the Manor of Hatton in Cheshire by his brother Nigel. Wolfrath took the name Hatton. Ivo is believed to be the son of Neel Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur. Other names are Saint-Sauver and Saint-Sever. DNA tests show a match with a Severs and Hatton indicating this may be the lineage of these two families back to the family of Saint-Sauveur.
There does not, at the moment, seem to be a relationship with Hatton and Dutton as believed by genealogists.
There does seem to be a relationship between some Hattons and Huttons....both show Norman/Norse and Viking ancestry and some DNA matches.
This is a work in progress and will likely change.
More about Sir Christopher Hatton 1540-1591
The Maitland Hattons of Scotland
Few early Hatton rent rolls 1642 Maryland
In brief-The Duttons have, since prior to 1066, been associated with the Hatton family through, apparently the female line. Whatever the association there seems not to be a direct male line between the two families. What we do know is that there was a relationship with German Van Hattens who visited English Hattons/Hattens in the Forest of Dean, indicating a long relationship between these two families. One recent bit of research 1984 states that the Duttons were likely Saxons and the name was DUDDA . Duddatune means Dudda's farm named after the Saxon farmer stated to have founded Duntane/Duddatune. These Saxons/Germans arrived prior to 1066. Duntune translated from German would mean "Farm on a Hill".
DNA evidence indicates that this could be a possibility.
Viking and Saxon DNA is sometimes hard to distinguish because both are Germanic.
Some of the surnames connected to the Hattons of Scotland are Lauder, Maitland, Douglass, Duff, Seton and others.
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The DNA history of some Hattons and Huttons indicate a Celtic deep history and DNA matches are found in various parts of Spain, Switzerland and Lyons, France. These areas are pre-United Kingdom. To better understand the possible relationship with these areas click on the link above. After you have read the first page click on the link on that page that has the name Celt-iberians.
History of the Hattons in the West Indies
Celtic History and Myths
History of Lycoming County, PA
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My Maternal lineage GALLAGHER and DUFFY from County Mayo and County Sligo. Female DNA mtDNA is I Viking. James Joseph Gallagher and Bridgett Duffy were married in Charlestown, County Mayo and immigrated to Philadelphia, PA late 1800s.
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